Frequently Asked Questions

What is SGBL’s Super Reward program?

Super Rewards is a loyalty program designed as a token of appreciation towards SGBL’s loyal cardholders.

SGBL cardholders accumulate points when using their cards in purchases anywhere in the world.

If you are not a cardholder, apply today and start an enjoyable experience.

Who can enroll in the super rewards program?

All SGBL cardholders are automatically enrolled into the Super Rewards, free of charge.

How do I collect Super Rewards points?

With every purchase transaction made with any SGBL card, you will collect points. Cash withdrawals on ATMs do not qualify.

How many Super Rewards points do I earn per transaction?

The Super Reward points earning rate varies depending on the card type that you hold. Find out more here

When do I start earning my points?

When you start using you card.

How can I collect points faster?

The more you pay with your SGBL card on POS, the faster you accumulate points. Use your cards in shopping at supermarkets, in department stores, in travel, for buying your air tickets etc., for no extra charges, and accumulate points.

Can you get points for supplementary card transactions?

All purchase transactions done by supplementary cards also earn points on the same Super Rewards account as the primary card.

How to know the number of points you have accumulated?

You can check your Super Rewards points’ balance in the following ways:

  • Through a monthly SMS informing you of your Super Rewards points balance
  • On SGBL mobile app, via the online banking service or through our ATMs

Are my Super Rewards points transferable?

Points cannot be transferred to another person’s account.

How do I redeem my points through Super Rewards website?

In order to redeem your points on this portal, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Go to SGBL mobile app
  • Go to Super Rewards page through the main menu
  • Activate your Super Rewards function by tapping the button next to the card you wish to use.
  • Settle your purchases in points with your enabled card
  • Turn off the Super Rewards function once done

How do I redeem my points through SGBL’s mobile application?

  • Go to Super Rewards page through the main menu
  • Activate your Super Rewards function by tapping the button next to the card you wish to use
  • Settle your purchases in points with your activated card (the button is green when a card is activated and grey when deactivated)
  • Turn off the Super Rewards function once done

I hold multiple SGBL cards, are they all linked to the same Super Rewards Program?

Yes, all cards linked to a specific customer ID accumulate points in one Super Rewards account linked to this ID.

What is the expiry date of my accumulated Super Rewards points?

Each point expires 3 years after its accumulation. However, an end of year expiry will be applied to accounts that have not accumulated any point through card usage for more than 365 days.

What do travel redemptions refer to?

Travel redemptions include any type of travel reservation booked online or through the Super Rewards website (e.g. All-inclusive round-trip tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals and more)

Who are Super Rewards travel partners?

Super Rewards program is not limited to specific travel partners.

Are there blackout dates for travel?

Super Rewards is a flexible program that allows you to travel on holidays, weekends and during other busy days throughout the year.

I have received damaged or wrong products, what do I do?

For all disputes related to Super Rewards’ redemption made through this portal such as receiving wrong or damaged gifts or vouchers, please contact us through email on, or call SGBL on 1274 within 3 working days of receiving your gift or voucher.

Is there a minimum amount of points required to be able to redeem?

For your purchases (travel excluded): you can start spending your points with a minimum transaction of 4,000 points with no minimum balance required

For your travels and hotels booking: no minimum transaction amount is required to start spending but a minimum balance of 40,000 points is mandatory

Are there any delivery fees?

The delivery costs of the redeemed items depend on the weight of the items, regardless of the place of delivery:

  • From 0 to 5 kg: USD 4 (four US Dollars)
  • From 5 to 10kg: USD 6 (six US Dollars)
  • From 10 to 15kg: USD 8 (eight US Dollars)

The above is not applicable for corporate cards.
SGBL keeps the right to suspend the program, modify its conditions & methods without any prior notice.