Welcome to SGBL’s Super Rewards.
As a token of our appreciation for using your SGBL cards on merchants’ POS or at online shopping portals, Super Rewards loyalty program offers you points for every 1$ spent. The more you use your cards for shopping, dining, bill payments, booking tickets, etc., the more you will be accumulating Super Rewards points. Points can be redeemed for anything, anytime and anywhere around the world

Find out more below or start redeeming instantly by simply clicking the Login button.

How to accumulate points?

Group of Cards Type of Cards Accumulation Ratios
Group (1) Debit, Flyy, iLive, Sogepargne, Cosmos Classic, Bonifika Classic and eSurf USD1 (one US Dollar) spent = 1 (one) Super Rewards earned
Group (2) iLive Titanium, Debit Platinum, Bonifika Gold, Bonifika LBP Titanium, Cosmos Gold, Europa USD1 (one US Dollar) spent = 1.25 (one point twenty five) Super Rewards earned
Group (3) Platinum, Europa Platinum and Infinite, World Debit and World Charge USD1 (one US Dollar) spent = 2 (two) Super Rewards earned
Group (4) World Elite USD1 (one US Dollar) spent = 2 (two) Super Rewards earned for domestic use and USD1 (one US Dollar) spent = 3 (three) Super Rewards for cross-border purchases

Where to redeem accumulated points?

  • On any POS in Lebanon and around the world
  • On any travel or shopping portal
  • At travel agencies
  • On this website

What is the minimum balance required for redemption?

For your purchases (travel excluded): you can start spending your points with a minimum transaction of 4,000 points with no minimum balance required
For your travels and hotels booking: no minimum transaction amount is required to start spending but a minimum balance of 40,000 points is mandatory

How to convert your points?

For your purchases (travel excluded): 200 accumulated points = 1$ in redemption
For your travels: 167 accumulated points = 1$ in redemption

How to redeem your points?

  • Go to SGBL mobile app
  • Go to Super Rewards page through the main menu
  • Activate your Super Rewards function by tapping the button next to the card you wish to use.
  • Settle your purchases in points with your enabled card
  • Turn off the Super Rewards function once done

How to check your points balance?

  • Through our SGBL mobile application
  • Via our digital banking service on www.esgbl.com
  • On SGBL ATMs
  • At your branch

What is the validity of the points?

Each point expires 3 years after its accumulation. However, an end of year expiry will be applied to accounts that have not accumulated any point through card usage for more than 365 days.